8 Simple, Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Your Family

healthy family breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Research shows that people who skip breakfast are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than their breakfast-eating counterparts.

But mornings can get very hectic, so you might be tempted to skip breakfast or grab something not-so-healthy on the go. Here are 8 simple recipes for a healthy and yummy breakfast that your family can enjoy every day.

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day is the time for your kids to show their teachers how much they value and appreciate them.

Here are 10 great ideas for Teacher Appreciation gifts that are sure to be appreciated! Gifts from individual students as well as joint gifts from the whole class can make this day truly special.

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9 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring cleaning

The birds are singing, the sun is out and flowers are blooming. It’s finally Spring!

While it may be tempting to just soak up the sunlight outside, there are some responsibilities in the home that cannot be ignored.

It is finally time to do all those little chores that you have been putting off. While the prospect of deep cleaning your entire house may be daunting, here are 9 simple tips to make this process as satisfying and painless as possible.

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4 Simple Tips for How to Get Your Child to Sleep

sleeping girl

Getting your children to go to sleep quickly and easily is anything but easy! Not getting enough sleep can affect not only your children’s mood and health, but also your own – you need your sleep, too. Below are some tips to help get your children to bed and snoozing in no time.

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Stepparent Survival Guide: Your Rights, Responsibilities and Tips for Being an Effective Stepparent


Being a parent is challenging, even under the best of circumstances. But being a stepparent is extra-challenging, as you’re stepping into an already complicated family dynamic. You may also be bringing your own children into your new family, with both you and your new spouse becoming a stepparent at the same time.

How does a new step-parent navigate this complex world? What are stepparents’ legal rights and responsibilities? What can stepparents do about discipline? Medical issues? Interactions with their stepchild’s school? How does a stepparent become the best stepparent possible?

Below you will find a summary of the research on being an effective stepmom or stepdad. We tried to answer your questions about relationships with your stepchild, effective discipline, dealing with your stepchild’s school and with medical issues. We also listed some great resources for step-parents on these issues.

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How to Give Your Kids a Real Taste of Cinco De Mayo

Mexican food

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo by making (and eating!) yummy Mexican snacks is a great way to introduce your kids to a new culture. Here are some tasty Cinco de Mayo snacks ideas that get our mouths watering just writing about them! Read more

Celebrating Your First Mother’s Day after Divorce or Separation

Mothers Day

Guest post by Amanda Moore

Mother’s Day can be an emotionally loaded holiday, especially after a divorce or separation. You probably used to celebrate it with your whole family, your former spouse included.

Hopefully your ex will let your children be with you on Mother’s Day, even if it’s not your usual weekend.

Here are some tips for making every Mother’s Day a happy occasion, even after a divorce.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Parenting through a Divorce

common mistakes parenting divorce

Guest post by Brad M. Micklin, Esq., the lead family attorney Montclair

Every divorcing couple goes through different degrees of civility and struggle. Higher animosity between parents can lead to difficult co-parenting. Sometimes, it might feel impossible to co-parent and handle certain situations.

Regardless of your ex-spouse, you can choose how you want to parent your children. Here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid when parenting through divorce.

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How to Prepare for Mediation

Preparing for mediation

Guest blog post by Andrew Crooke, Director of Family Law at Murdoch Lawyers.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) includes several methods. One such method available to separating parties is mediation. Mediation has become more popular over the years, as it is quick, affordable and confidential. As the name suggests, mediation is basically a negotiation expedited by a neutral third party. Mediators do not make any decisions, they just facilitate the negotiation. They also determine when and where the mediation process takes place, who is in attendance, and who pays for the mediation.

Usually, mediation is initiated voluntarily by the parties themselves. Sometimes it is required as per the statutes, court orders or contractual terms. It is a common practice in family, housing or small claim courts.

To ensure that the mediation process is successful, here are a few things that you should check with your family lawyer, as advised by the most experienced lawyers in Brisbane:

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How Divorce Will Affect Your Taxes

Divorce effect on taxes

Couples navigating the complexities of a divorce may often overlook the aftermath of their separation and its effect on their taxes. With President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which also affects the divorce process, it’s important to re-examine how divorce will affect your taxes.

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