9 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Spring cleaning

The birds are singing, the sun is out and flowers are blooming. It’s finally Spring!

While it may be tempting to just soak up the sunlight outside, there are some responsibilities in the home that cannot be ignored.

It is finally time to do all those little chores that you have been putting off. While the prospect of deep cleaning your entire house may be daunting, here are 9 simple tips to make this process as satisfying and painless as possible.

Before you begin…

Tip #1: Make a checklist

Sitting down and making a list of all the things you want to accomplish will help you keep track of all the tasks you have to do. We recommend separating the lists out by room, and then breaking the rooms down into smaller jobs to make the process more manageable.

Tip #2: Make a playlist

Having a list of songs for you to sing along with while you are cleaning can help keep you motivated.

Tip #3: Start a television show

While watching television might seem counterproductive, you can easily stream a show on your portable electronic devices. The key is that you only watch this show while you clean, so you have something to look forward to.

Starting the clean

Tip #4: Pace yourself

Don’t think that you can do a deep clean of your entire house in one day. Pace yourself. Finish one room at a time and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment before moving to tackle the next area.

Tip #5: Decluttering is key

Don’t try to just organize what you have. Look at what you have, and if it doesn’t serve an actual purpose get rid of it! Take a page out of “Spark Joy” and only keep the things that make you happy. The less that you have to clean, the easier your life will be.

Tip #6: Get some help!

Get your kids on board. They can help sort through their clothes and old toys and decide what they are willing to get rid of or donate. If you divide up the tasks, things will get done much faster.

Tip #7: Work from the top down.

Gravity applies to cleaning too. Start with ceilings and windows and knock the dust and grime from them onto the floor, then clean the floor. If you do it the other way then you will just have to do things twice and that means twice the time.

Tip #8: Don’t forget about the clothes

People have lots of clothes. Sort through your own clothes and your kids. If there are things they have outgrown or refuse to wear, now it the time to finally fill a bag and donate those clothes instead of keeping them around.

Tip #9: Reward yourself!

Spring cleaning is exhausting. Using your checklist, set goals for yourself and your family and reward yourselves when you finish something! A family outing to get ice cream after each finishing a room is a great way to reward everyone for a hard day’s work.

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