How do I Create an Irregular Custody Parenting Schedule?

WeParent allows co-parents to create and manage custody schedules. We provide a wide variety of templates (e.g., Alternating Weeks, Every Other Weekend, 2-2-3, etc.). But some families have highly unusual or irregular schedules that don’t follow a simple pre-determined pattern. No worries, you can still create schedules on WeParent to match your parenting time agreement. Here’s how.

The first step is to remove whatever schedules you had previously created so that you can start from scratch. Tap on the word “Schedules” on the Monthly calendar, then swipe left each schedule that you want to delete and confirm.
Next, the step is to create your Regular schedule that will serve as a base.
If your custody agreement has some kind of a pattern – however unusual or complex – then you can create one or more Custom schedules. To create a Custom schedule, tap on Schedules -> Regular Schedule -> Custom Schedule.
  • For example, if your schedule is “I have the kids 3 days in a row, then my ex has them 8 days in a row”, you create a Custom schedule, specify the 3 days that you have the kids, and then set the recurrence to be every 11 days (3 days with you + 8 days with your ex).
  • Another example is, you have the kids Mon-Tue every other week, and Wed-Th every other week, then you create 2 Custom schedules. In the first Custom schedule, you specify that your custody starts on Monday and ends on Tuesday, and set it to recur every 2 weeks. In the second Custom schedule, you specify that your custody starts on Wednesday and ends on Thursday, and set it to recur every 2 weeks. The two Custom schedules will get combined into a master schedule.
If your custody agreement is extremely irregular, with no regular recurrence whatsoever, then here’s how you deal with that:
  • First, create a Regular schedule -> Sole custody for the custodial parent (the parent who has the kids the majority of the time).
  • Then, you create multiple One-time schedules for the non-custodial parent. The One-time schedules don’t have a recurrence pattern, they just start and end when you specify and insert a segment for the non-custodial parent.

If you still have questions, please contact – we’ll be glad to help you!