Best Resources for Women Going Back to Work

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The companies and non-profits listed below help women return to the workforce. While it’s not an exhaustive list, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to resume work after a long break.

Advancing Women: provides resources and job boards for women, diversity, education and tech candidates. For someone looking for employment, their website offers articles and blogs on resume writing tips, interviewing preparation, networking tips. They also provide a job board and an opportunity to ask questions of experts.

This company charges a free from the businesses, not from the job seeker.

Apres: Après works with companies that have made a pledge to hire women returning to the workforce.

Après provides vetted career coaches and experts, inspiring success stories, tools to help with interviewing techniques, tips on how to negotiate, how to find a new career, tips for organizing yourself, being healthy and looking your best.

They charge $99 to become a member. Members receive access to their job market.

Catalant: Hourly Nerd rebranded in 2016 to become Catalant. After completing a profile and having it approved, you then are matched with employers who have posted a project with the company. Projects vary in length, scope, and duration from a few hours to several months. You can also find a project you are interested in and then submit a “bid” for it. Fees are charged to the companies, not to the job seeker.

Credit Suisse: This is a wealth management company that has created a “Real Returns” program for those re-entering the workforce. Helps revamp skill sets, update industry knowledge and ultimately boosts self-confidence. It is a paid internship for about 12 weeks in one of their offices in the U.S., U.K., India, and Switzerland. U.S. programs are available in New York City and Raleigh, NC.

Dress for Success: It’s a non-profit that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. They have local affiliates around the country.

Encore: It’s an “innovation hub tapping the talent of people 50+ as a force for good.” Their programs include Gen2Gen, Encore Fellowships, Culture Change, Encore Networking. They also offer a free LinkedIn course. The main purpose of Encore is to offer the 50+ age group an opportunity to volunteer or work for something that makes a difference in their community or the lives of individuals. For paid positions, it is suggested that you buy their book to get a step by step guide thru this process.

The Enternship: A program through iRelaunch and founded by Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, it is designed to help age 40+ women re-enter the job market. They are creating a program to help women who are over 40 who have either been bought out of their companies, chose to jump the corporate ship or just looking to change careers or otherwise break back into the workforce. It is a paid six-week internship to get women back into the workforce.

They also offer some in-person courses if the internship is not an option. Currently they are in LA, Miami, Chicago. “We will teach women how to create PR campaigns, learn social media, digital strategy, write pitches press releases, pitch media and more.” “Additionally, blogging, vlogging, emerging communication technologies and the ins and outs of social media will be explored. Not only will the women gain hands-on experience, but they will also begin to make new connections in the real world, which let’s face it, we all know is key in the business of public relations.”

FlexJobs: This site can offer a returning-to-work parent an opportunity to find flexible, part-time work. The jobs are all vetted to help you sort through the vast list of flexible job opportunities that might be scams, not real, etc. They list the actual jobs as well as some job search tips. They charge from $14.99 per month or $49.95 for a yearlong subscription.

Goldman Sachs Returnship Program: This paid, 8-week program offers opportunities in a variety of divisions and the chance to experience the vast network of resources at Goldman Sachs. It provides individuals with an opportunity to sharpen their skills in a work environment that may have changed significantly since their last experience as an employee. It also gives participants the ability to explore a new area of expertise and learn new skills.

Inkwell: Inkwell matches executive candidates from our exclusive referral network to leading companies willing to offer flexibility to attract the best talent. Those who enroll, have access to their job market as well as numerous career planning/management tools like resume review, networking strategies, interviewing skills, career planning, etc. Businesses pay for their services, not job seekers.

InspiringCapital: Their main focus is to assist companies in training their employees to be engaged and mission-driven while helping the companies implement strategies for growth, marketing, and operations.

They offer “The Return With Purpose Fellowship” which is a year-long experiential learning program in a cohort of like-minded women with exposure to Inspiring Capital’s broader social impact network. Forty-plus hours of training providing a platform for women to accelerate their return to work in the social sector through hands-on practical training, a self-directed path of learning, networking and self-reflection within a cohort membership. You have to apply for one of these fellowships and it does cost $2500 to be a part of the fellowship. All of this is in New York City only.

They also offer workshops, consulting, fellowships. Membership is $249 and gets you online resources, access to subject-specific content, networking and various in-person events.

iRelaunch: iRelaunch is your essential guidebook, a community & a sense of refound purpose for relaunchers, employers, universities & associations. iRelaunch runs career reentry conferences and events for employers and individuals returning to work after a career break, and also works directly with over 60 blue chip companies to introduce, implement and expand career reentry programs to engage with and hire from the return-to-work talent pool.

iRelaunch offers coaching experts who help determine unique career goals, navigate the job search process, offer a personal resource and ally role. In addition, they offer partners that can help in the job search process, publications and books and multimedia resources. Other iRelaunch services include personal readiness and workplace options, networking through in-person connections, social media, and groups, classes to refresh your skills, resume building, tips, and strategies for success, how to balance work/life and many success stories.

Their website also lists numerous “Career Re-entry programs” offered by numerous employers throughout the country. In addition, they list over ninety paid corporate “Return to Work” programs around the globe.

For some of their services, you are referred to another source that offers the service for a fee. For instance, resume writing sends you to a site that charges a fee and you have to request a quote. Coaching services work the same way.

JP Morgan: This is a program offered by JP Morgan. The program encourages experienced professional to explore their job and career opportunities as they re-enter the workforce or make a career change. All positions are within JP Morgan offices.

Lynda: A product of LinkedIn, is a library of videos and online tools to increase your skill base in case you are missing something after being out of the workforce for a while. Some of the most popular courses are Developer, Business, Design, Web, Photography, Marketing.

There is a charge for this service ranging from $19.99 per month to $24.99 per month.

Mom Corps: Mom Corps is part of a group of companies where Corps Search and Corps Advisory was added in 2015. The group is now called Corps Team. Corps Team is a nationwide, boutique, talent advisory, search and staffing firm. They help fast-growing companies build their teams with highly skilled, hard to find professionals in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HR and other business services.

Through this website, you can view available job opportunities and submit your resume to apply to a job. There are also opportunities to update your resume and get expert career help through their blog, podcasts and links to other websites and tools for those re-entering the workforce. Businesses pay for their services, not job seekers.

The Mom Project: From their website, “We connect talented women with world-class employers that respect work and life integration.” There are no formal requirements to be a part of The Mom Project, nor are there any fees to apply for a job or use the site. Women, as well as men, are eligible to work with The Mom Project. Jobs are posted from throughout the country with a major focus in Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley offers a program for experienced professionals who are re-entering the workforce. All internships are with Morgan Stanley offices throughout the country. “Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work program is an opportunity for you to re-engage. During the 12-week paid internship, participants are placed in businesses that complement their skills and experience. Upon completion of the program, participants may receive an offer of employment.”

OnRamp Fellowship: This program is designed for lawyers who have at least three years of post-licensure legal experience and have taken a hiatus from the profession for two or more years. OnRamp Fellowship works with firms in the US, Australia, and the UK. Firms pay the stipend for the fellow as well as a participation fee.

Applicants for the paid fellowship program are screened and matched with firms and organizations with similar needs and styles. If someone is selected for a fellowship program, they will also have access to continuing education, training by experts and one-on-one coaching. At the end of the fellowship, the individual could be eligible for an interview if there is a position available. They also will receive a reference from their current fellowship mentor.

Path Forward: This is a non-profit organization that offers returning professionals the opportunity to restart their careers with companies that appreciate the skills they offer, the perspective they provide, and the contributions they can make. These 16-week mid-career return to work opportunities are open to women and men who have at least 5 years of professional experience and have been out of the paid workforce for two or more years for caregiving purposes.

These internships are for a specific period of time, are paid, and generally covers full-time hours. The company determines the pay rate and there are no benefits included for the intern. A job offer is not guaranteed at the end of the program.

Path Forward currently works in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Silicon Valley.

PowerToFly: This is a site dedicated to women helping women elevate their careers. They offer events, webinars, and mentoring. The headquarters is in New York City.

Through their website, you have access to their job market. You can also purchase coaching services based on their categories. Prices range from $105 for 45 minutes to $140 for an hour. Topics are cover letter writing, Interview prep, resume and LinkedIn review, job search strategy, general Q&A, networking. There are also live chats and videos on their website.

Prokanga: It’s a boutique search firm that specializes in creating cost-efficient talent solutions for clients. Individuals would submit a resume. Once vetted, the company would reach out with relevant projects. They also offer career consulting and support services for those considering a transition to a more flexible role.

You have to subscribe in order to have access to their job market. It costs $5 to view the projects.

reacHIRE: It was designed to support your career success as a woman returning to work through exclusive corporate returnships, cohort training programs, and personalized coaching. This company provides free, in-depth training programs, professional support, development of the latest business and technical skills, networking.

All job candidates must go through the training and coaching programs prior to acceptance and are vetted by human resource professionals. Names then go on the database for employers to view. Businesses pay for these services, not the job seeker.

ReBoot: They help women get current, connected and confident to resume careers. They also help companies create cultures that hire, advance, and empower women.

They offer direct access to a job board, online training, workshops in the Silicon Valley, resources, coaching, and a ReBoot “U” Package. This company is mostly for those who reside in the Silicon Valley. A newsletter is also available for anyone who signs up on their website.

The Second Shift: This is a placement site for women. Women must have at least 10 years of experience in their field plus 2 references. They go through a personal phone call to complete the vetting process, which can take 1-2 months. Their service is free for their members.

Members “pitch” to companies that they are interested in. The pitch is the process for letting a potential employer know that you are interested in a job with their company. A member sets their own rates and schedules to the company.

They work with a wide variety of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500’s. The company projects are screened. After you become a member, you have access to all of the project opportunities that are available. The Second Shift handles all of the invoicing and payments plus offer support for their members.

Women Back To Work: A free Santa Clara program that helps women find a job when they return to work after an extended hiatus. They offer weekly Power Hour Q&A, returnships, mentors, workshops. By applying, they can start helping you with your resume, cover letters, social media, etc.

Women Work!: Though they are known for their advocacy work in advancing economic justice and equality for women, they also “develop resources, services, and trainings to help women enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce”. As a non-profit, Women Work! The National Network for Women’s Employment is “the nation’s largest network of education and job training programs for women.” Women Work! “has assisted more than 10 million women to successfully enter, re-enter and advance in the workforce.” When you become a member, you get a quarterly magazine, reports and advocacy resources for free. It appears that you must become a member in order to have access to any job assistance materials. Their site does offer a wide variety of guest blogs on a plethora of topics.

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