WeParent is proud to support The Family Center of Tennessee

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WeParent is proud to partner with The Family Center of Tennessee. They are on a mission to break multigenerational cycles of child abuse, neglect, & trauma.

For 36 years families across Middle Tennessee have benefited from their programs and services that help them create safe, stable, nurturing environments for children.  As a licensed Child Abuse Prevention agency through the Department of Children’s Services (DCS), they work with diverse families impacted by both internal and external challenges.  They help parents understand how ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences/Adverse Community Environments) shaped their lives and inform their parenting; how to change familial patterns so their children experience fewer ACEs; and work with systems to prevent or mitigate early toxic stressors that affect children today and future generations.

They are change agents who empower families to shift the trajectory of their lives. They believe in personal evolution and the power of healing. Because abuse or trauma occurred in the past does not mean that it must continue into the future. The Family Center’s family coaches act as guides, not teachers, to help families navigate their own journeys wherever they find themselves in life. While some families need to rebuild after escaping domestic violence, others simply want to prepare themselves for a new bundle of joy on the way.

That’s one of the core tenets of The Family Center – it meets families where they are without judgment, ready to empower them to shape their futures.

Each year The Family Center serves over 2,000 adults and impact almost 2,000 children.  68% of their families earn less than $15,000 annually.  Imagine trying to raise a family of four on this. 76% of our families have 4+ ACEs; 54% have 6+ ACEs.  78% of parents served were at risk of losing custody of or have someone else caring for their children. The Family Center provides support to ensure that these are not defining elements for them. They invest in strengthening families because strong families create strong communities.

You can get involved by volunteering, connecting with us on social media, and donating. This year, one of the TFC board members will graciously match your gift 1:1 up to $50,000 until June 2020. Donate now and your gift will have double the impact!

Learn more and donate at familycentertn.org

Connect with The Family Center on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – @familycentertn