4 Common Parenting Schedules in 70-30 Custody Agreements

custody schedules 70-30 custody agreements

With the 70-30 schedule, your child spends 70% of their time with one parent, and 30% with the other. Both parents are still able and want to be involved in their kids’ lives, but the division of time is less equal than in a 50-50 or 60-40 arrangement. The 70 / 30 custody schedule may be best if parents live far apart and need to minimize transitions from one home to another, one parent has a busier work or travel schedule than the other, or their child needs a consistent home base with a “primary” parent. There are 4 common types of 70 30 custody schedules:

Every Weekend:

This schedule gives Parent A weekdays and Parent B weekends. Realistically, Parent B does have less time, but giving them the weekend when the child is not in school can help alleviate the time difference.

5-2 Alternation:

This is a more flexible version of the weekend schedule. This may work better if both parents want to be able to spend time with the children over the weekend. This schedule can start any day of the week, it depends on what works best for your child.

Every 3rd week:

If you want to spend longer chunks of times with your children at once, this might be a better method. Instead of having your children needing to move around during the weekend, they spend a whole week with the other parent every two weeks. Parent A will have them for two weeks, followed by Parent B who will get the children for one week. Because this does mean that Parent B will go for 2 weeks without seeing their children, it’s important that they stay in contact via texting and/or calling.

Every 3rd day:

This is a schedule with more frequent transitioning than some other alternatives. If you choose this, then make sure your child is old enough and capable enough to handle this much travel between parents. Parent A will get the children for two days, and Parent B will get them for one day before they go back to Parent A. This schedule works best if you are living relatively close together and are okay with communicating frequently with your ex-partner.

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