2 Common Parenting Schedules in 60-40 Custody Agreements

custody schedules 60-40 custody agreements

As the name implies, 60-40 custody schedules are close to 50-50, but one parent gets a bit more time with the kids than the other. The days are split 3-4, with one parent having the kids for 3 days and the other for 4. There are just two common patterns for 60 / 40 custody agreements: extended weekends and 3-4 alternation.

The most common 60-40 pattern is an extended weekends arrangement.

This schedule is based around your child’s school days. Parent A gets the child from Monday afternoon to Friday morning – i.e., pick them up Monday after school, and drop them off at school on Friday morning. Parent B gets the child from Friday afternoon through Monday morning – i.e., pick them up Friday after school and drop them off Monday morning.

This transition type can be particularly helpful for co-parents who do not get along and don’t want to see each other. With the extended weekend arrangement, they never have to be face-to-face, as pickups and dropoffs happen at school at different times of the day.

Another fairly common 60 / 40 pattern is a 3-4 alternation schedule.

The handoff from one parent to another can occur on any day of the week. For example, if both parents want to have the child for part of the workweek and also for part of the weekend, Parent A might get the kids from Sunday through Wednesday (4 days), while Parent B gets them Thursday through Saturday (3 days). The time and location of the dropoff depend on the specific agreement between the co-parents.

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