8 Tips for Getting Your Kids Outside This Summer

kids enjoying camping

Guest Post by Jenny Hart

Summer is in full swing, and this year, it may look a little different. However, there are still plenty of ways to get your kids outside and away from their screens to get some fresh air and exercise. As you plan your summer vacations and family activities, consider these 8 tips for getting your kids outside:

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4 Ways Single Dads Can Connect with Their Daughter

Father and daughter

Guest post by Jenny Hart

Any parent – moms, dads, stepfathers, stepmothers, single moms and single dads alike – will tell you that having a child is one of the greatest joys in life. Every parent also has a unique dynamic and relationship with their kids. The relationship between a single dad and his daughter, for instance, can be complex, scary and also deeply special.

Research has shown that kids with fathers who are involved and present in their lives are more likely to excel in school and have fewer behavioral issues. However, there are still challenges that any father/daughter relationship will inevitably encounter.

As you walk through puberty, social activities and her developing emotional maturity together, consider these 4 tips to connect with your daughter and build a strong relationship that will last a lifetime.

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WeParent is proud to support The Family Center of Tennessee

Website image of The Family Center of Tennessee

WeParent is proud to partner with The Family Center of Tennessee. They are on a mission to break multigenerational cycles of child abuse, neglect, & trauma.

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How to Watch Out for Child Identity Theft

image showing young girl using a computer

Guest post by Amanda Moore

Your little one may not know what Social Security numbers and data protection are, but that, unfortunately, doesn’t reduce their risks of being impersonated by an identity thief. Yes, it’s sad but true: children and even tiny babies are just as vulnerable to identity theft as adults— but until it’s something they can understand, they’ll have no personal control over it. Instead, it’s up to you, their family or guardian, to ensure that the proper precautions are taken against child identity theft.

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9 Schedules for 50-50 Child Custody Agreements


Your divorce just got finalized, and you’re sharing custody with your ex at 50-50. Now you need to get down to the nitty-gritty of how to divide the time that your kids spend with each of you. You need to come up with a schedule that equally divides the time your children spend with each parent. In this post, we review the core principles to keep in mind, and provide specific templates for different 50-50 custody schedules.

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Celebrating Your First Father’s Day after a Divorce

father and daughter hugging

Guest blog post by Amanda Moore

Adjusting to a holiday like Father’s Day after divorce or separation can be tricky. Whatever the circumstances were before, they’re likely to have changed.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your kids on Fathers’ Day. If it happens to not be your weekend for visitation, perhaps you can ask your ex for extra time or to switch.

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5 Common Parenting Schedules in 80-20 Custody Agreements

custody schedules 80-20 custody agreements

With the 80-20 split, one of the parents acts as the primary caretaker (at 80% of the time). With this very unequal division of time, your child has a home base at Parent A’s house, rather than at two different homes. This schedule is likely to work best if 1) one parent travels often for work, 2) the two co-parents live far apart, or 3) your child cannot adjust to a constantly changing environment and needs a primary home base. There are 5 main types of 80 20 custody schedules:

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4 Common Parenting Schedules in 70-30 Custody Agreements

custody schedules 70-30 custody agreements

With the 70-30 schedule, your child spends 70% of their time with one parent, and 30% with the other. Both parents are still able and want to be involved in their kids’ lives, but the division of time is less equal than in a 50-50 or 60-40 arrangement. The 70 / 30 custody schedule may be best if parents live far apart and need to minimize transitions from one home to another, one parent has a busier work or travel schedule than the other, or their child needs a consistent home base with a “primary” parent. There are 4 common types of 70 30 custody schedules:

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2 Common Parenting Schedules in 60-40 Custody Agreements

custody schedules 60-40 custody agreements

As the name implies, 60-40 custody schedules are close to 50-50, but one parent gets a bit more time with the kids than the other. The days are split 3-4, with one parent having the kids for 3 days and the other for 4. There are just two common patterns for 60 / 40 custody agreements: extended weekends and 3-4 alternation.

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night

Healthy sleeping habits

Sleep is incredibly important. It affects both your mental and physical health. If you don’t get enough sleep, your productivity, health, mood, and even your weight can be negatively affected. The problem is, sleep is often not a priority for parents. In addition, there are many outside factors that interfere with a restful night.

Here are 5 tips to make sure you are getting the rest that your body needs – night after night.

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